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Covid-19 Coronavirus Testing with London Test

Test for Now has a high capacity of 20,000 Covid-19 tests per month at our 7 plus London clinics and national postal service. We offer late evening and 7 days a week options for our Covid-19 tests. Flexible all-day appointments are available across our pharmacy partners. Our signature tests are PCR same day, day 2, and 8 UK international arrival. We also provide affordable antigen and antibody covid tests.

All of our tests include a full laboratory certificate of analysis with QR code to scan.

We aim to be versatile for our Covid testings by providing both in-clinic supervised by a healthcare professionals and national postal service at a cheap price. Given the current circumstances and a fast-changing regulation, we have decided to offer a cancelation policy with only a £25 admin charge per test at our clinics. The same policy works for our postal service upon the return of your unused kits at our partner clinics. We offer free unlimited rescheduling if you miss your appointment or simply would want to postpone or change the timing and date of your Covid-19 testing at our London testing clinics.

If you need to check the destination requirement for your testing simply click on your destination country and review the testing requirement before booking.

Make sure to double-check with your airline if you are uncertain.

What would be reason to choose test for now for your arrival day 2 & 8 testing ?

We understand the competition in the market and the fast changing pricing. Although we can assure you that our pricing is listed after careful cost analysis and fair service fees added to our test considering our premium customer service and reliable lab partners.

  • All our PCR and Antigen tests at our Clinics are within a safe place at a registered health premises including pharmacies and CQC registered clinics.
  • We provide the fastest turnaround for our pricing for same day PCR testing in the UK.
  • Our signature same day Test to release PCR for only £99 ensures that you will be out in the community at the end of your day 5.
  • Free unlimited rescheduling for all our tests .
  • Only purchase what you need and if the regulation changes, such as an amber destination turned to green, you would get the refund for the part of the test that you no longer need ( no admin fee deducted ).
  • High capacity testing with our Labs.

What is the reason for day 2 and 8 tests in the United Kingdom ?

New UK Government Guideline :

The government recently set out the details to enable UK residents who have been fully vaccinated with an NHS administered vaccine to travel to amber list countries without having to quarantine on their return to England, from Monday 19 July. A full vaccination means 14 days have passed since your final dose of the vaccine.

The changes will come into force from Monday 19 July at 4am. Those who have been fully vaccinated with an NHS administered vaccine in the UK and are returning from amber countries will still be required to complete a pre-departure test before arrival into England, alongside a PCR test on or before day 2 after arrival. They will not have to take a day 8 test or self-isolate. Any positive results will be genomically sequenced to continue to manage the risk from importing variants.

Children under the age of 18 will not have to isolate when returning to England. While the recommendation that people should not travel to amber countries is being removed, children aged 4 and under will continue to be exempt from any travel testing.

Children aged 5 to 10 will only need to do a day 2 PCR and 11 to 18-year-olds will need to take both a pre-departure test and a day 2 PCR – as is the case for arrivals from green list countries.

How to book your test ?

To ensure the correct testing reference number and proof of purchase, we only offer one test booking and payment at a time. If yo are booking for more than one person. You would need to repeat the Covid-19-19 test booking once per person per test to ensure we capture all the relevant data and issue you with an accurate confirmation at each of our clinics or postal service.

Our popular UK international arrival tests and their prices are :

  • Day 2 & 8 – From only £75 per test
  • Day 2 & 8, Test to Release – From £98 per test as a package with saving of £20+ on your PCR Test-to-Release

What date should you be careful about when booking your UK INTERNATIONAL arrival tests ?

The date that you arrive to the UK is counted as day 0.

Your day 2 test must be taken within the first 48 hours of arrival ( when you land into the UK ). If you miss you testing, you must inform the NHS track and trace and arrange for your test to be done as soon as possible.

Your day 5 test to release PCR covid-19 test must be taken on your day 5 of your quarantine and not earlier.

Your day 8 test can be taken on your day 8,9,10 of your arrival to the Uk considering your day of arrival is day 0.


If John arrives to the UK from an amber country.

John must book for his day 2 and 8 mandatory test in advance before coming to the UK. John also would like to arrange for a Test to release on his day 5 to end his quarantine early.

John will arrive on Saturday to the UK. He must book ( if in-clinic ) / perform(if postal) his day 2 test within the first 48 hours of arrival. So he can do the test either on Saturday, Sunday or Monday the latest.

Johns Day 5 test must be done on the day 5 which would be Thursday the earliest. John still needs to do his day 8 test even if he is negative for both his day 2 and test to release.

His day 8 can be done on the following Monday (day 8), or Tuesday (day 9) or Wednesday (day 10) the latest.

Can you explain more about day 5 test to release testing ?

Test to release is UK government scheme implemented to ensure that people who are arriving in the England to reduce their quarantine length from 10 days to only 5 days. The scheme is voluntarily. Test for Now has partnered up with UKAS registered laboratories to provide this service to its clients.

If the test result is negative then you can stop you isolation immediately and enjoy the community with no restrictions. You must still take your day 8 mandatory testing regardless of opting in to this early release scheme.

How to book ?

Please be aware that Test to Release scheme is only available for arrival from Amber countries and can not be used fro arrival from Green or Red countries.

Covid-19 Coronavirus PCR Tests

As a Testing Agency, we only partner with UKAS registered laboratories providing general and Test to Release Covid-19 testing. You can check our main partner laboratory Salient Bio on the Government Website. We know that how delicate and time-sensitive it is. to deliver a fast service in the Covid-19 industry. We have decided to only offer Fit to fly testing at our clinic to avoid any disruption caused by mail partners for sample delivery and result. We ensure that you can open an account on lab partner websites to monitor the process of your sample being tested and the arrival at our laboratories.


Covid-19 Coronavirus Antigen Testing

After careful market research and testing multiple products in the UK. Test for Now has decided to only use Roche Diagnostics Antigen tests for our service. These SD Biosensor Tests by Roche are MHRA approved and licensed to be used by our Healthcare Professionals at our partner clinics and pharmacies. Roche is one of the best and most accredited Pharmaceutical and Medical device manufacturer company with extensive and historical customer trust. The test has a sensitivity of 96.52% and a specificity of 99.68%. You can further read about this product here.

We have priced our antigen test at £55 per test with a free Fit to Fly certificate included with every test. The test and the result only takes 30 min and you will receive your result certificate in maximum 3 hours from the time of your test.

Whiles some countries accept antigen ( lateral Flow tests ), some only accept our PCR tests, It’s recommended to check the countries specific requirement here .